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The cultural and traditional beauty of the Zomi people is a heritage passing down to this generation since time immemorable.
It came to a realization that this beautiful tradition and costumes needed to be preserved.
This website serves as a digital heritage we can pass down to the generation who will come after us.

ZOMI.PHOTO was born to preserve the beautiful culture and tradition of the people.
It envisions to serve as a bridge to generational gap. JOIN us by contributing for this cause.

ZOMI.PHOTO aims to provide, preserve and share this tradition.
Moreover, photographers will be able to earn incentives through their passion by offering free and paid photo journals on this page.
Sell or buy or give away free photo as a registered user.

The public can use their works with ease so that they can be self- sustain and produce more valuables.

ZOMI.PHOTO does not benefit anything from this website except fulfilling the purpose of preserving the Zomi traditional antiques and artifacts in digital form.

Therefore, we accept a donation so that we can continue to improve and update this service on a regular basis.